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Brent Deputy Ranger Cabin, Algonquin Park Brent Deputy Ranger Cabin Brent Deputy Ranger Cabin


This Ranger Cabin is part of the historic Brent Deputy Ranger Headquarters constructed in 1932 and includes the Brent Ranger Cabin, a warehouse and small storage building.

The cabin was home for the Deputy Ranger who lived separate from his men. This series of buildings were built to replace an existing Ontario Forestry Branch building at the "Pine Alley" end of Brent and the new headquarters were "to provide a respectable looking building in keeping with the status of a Government service".

All buildings were constructed of sturdy White and Red Pine logs with a life expectancy, estimated at that time, of 30 years. By about 1964, operations had moved to Kiosk and the buildings were used only occasionally and fell into disrepair. In 1994 restoration of the Brent Ranger Cabin began and was completed in 1998, the same year that it was opened for public rental. In 2005, restoration work began on the Deputy Ranger Cabin and it was completed in 2010. In 2010, the Deputy Ranger Cabin was restored and re-opened. Both restoration projects were made possible through a partnership with The Friends of Algonquin Park, Algonquin Outfitters, and Ontario Parks.

Features and Amenities

  • This one room cabin has sleeping space for two (bunk bed [double on the bottom and a single on the top] with mattresses), a kitchen table with two chairs, love seat, single chair, propane heater, solar powered lights, and an outdoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchen includes propane barbecue and two burner fixed outdoor propane stove (propane supplied), small solar fridge, picnic table, food preparation area, sink, but no running water. Drinking water is available in the Brent Campground a short distance away. You will require a water container and cooler for food is recommended. A dock for boat mooring is also available. An outside closed-in vault toilet is found a short walk away.
  • Smoking is prohibited in rustic Ranger Cabins.
  • No running water, indoor bathrooms, or electricity is available.
  • Pets are prohibited.
  • Motor restrictions on Cedar Lake.
  • Located on a peninsula jutting out from the north shore of Cedar Lake, this picturesque site is treed with White and Red Pine.
  • Scenic view of Cedar Lake.
  • In close proximity to the Brent Ranger Cabin.

Location and Access

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