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Backcountry Campsite SignExplore Algonquin at its best; a vast landscape of maple hills, rocky ridges, spruce bogs, and thousands of lakes, ponds, and streams. By paddle and portage - more than 2,000 kilometres of canoe routes and over 1,900 campsites await those who seek the rugged beauty of Algonquin Provincial Park. Additionally, Algonquin has three backpacking trails which also probe the heart of the backcountry.

Because of the popularity of Algonquin, the Park's backcountry, it is often full on long weekends during July and August. In order to remove any uncertainty about being able to camp at the time and place you are counting on, we recommend that a reservation be made in advance of your trip.

Reserve your developed or backcountry campsite for your next visit.

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Special regulations for Algonquin's special fishery.