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Natural Environment Park

Algonquin Park is a Natural Environment Park and has been planned, zoned, and managed in accordance with the policies for this class of park:

Natural Environment Parks incorporate outstanding recreational landscapes with representative natural features and historical resources to provide high-quality recreational and educational experiences.

Algonquin Provincial Park has been classified as a Natural Environment Park in recognition of its outstanding recreational environment and abundance of natural and cultural resources. Algonquin's recreational opportunities are numerous, ranging from semi-wilderness experiences such as backpacking, snowshoeing, canoeing, and camping in the backcountry of the Park to picnicking swimming, hiking, cross-country skiing, and camping in the more developed areas. In addition, Algonquin's scenery and wildlife attract many visitors. Algonquin also has tremendous scientific value, containing significant earth and life science features as well as historical and archaeological sites.

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