Algonquin Park Goal & Objectives

Goal of Algonquin Provincial Park is:

"To provide protection of natural and cultural features, continuing opportunities for a diversity of low-intensity recreational, wilderness, and natural environment experiences; and within this provision continue and enhance the Park's contribution to the economic, social and cultural life of the region." Algonquin Provincial Park, Management Plan, p.6

Algonquin Park has five objectives. They are:

  1. To protect provincially significant elements of the natural and cultural landscape of Algonquin Park;
  2. To provide outdoor recreation opportunities ranging from high-intensity day use to low intensity wilderness experiences;
  3. To provide opportunities for exploration and appreciation of the outdoor natural and cultural heritage of Algonquin Park;
  4. To provide Ontario's residents and out-of-province visitors with opportunities to discover and experience the distinctive regions of Algonquin Park; and
  5. To practise sustainable resource management in Algonquin Park for the long-term health of the Park's ecosystems and to provide recreational, cultural, and economic benefits.

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