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Hunting in selected areas of Algonquin Park is subject to the Ontario hunting regulations. Indigenous hunting, known as harvesting, is permitted within Algonquin Park. Trapping occurs on registered traplines in selected areas of the Park.

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In 1961, the Algonquin Park Extension Act added Clyde and Bruton Townships to the Park specifically on the condition that hunting and trapping be permitted to continue. Therefore, any changes to these uses require the repeal or amendment of this Act. Because of the similarity of historical use in the McRae Addition (in Eyre Township), it has been managed the same as Clyde and Bruton Townships, with regard to these uses, since it was added to the Park in 1993.

Hunting is permitted in the Recreation/Utilization Zone in Clyde, Bruton and Eyre (McRae Addition) Townships.

Trapping is permitted on registered traplines in the Recreation/Utilization Zone of Clyde and Bruton Townships and in the McRae Addition (Eyre Township).

  • Trapping includes all species of Park furbearers except Wolf, Lynx and Bobcat, and management quotas have been set for each registered trapline.
  • Licensed registered traplines in Clyde and Bruton Townships will be phased out once the Algonquin Park Extension Act is amended or as opportunities permit.
  • Licensed registered traplines in the McRae Addition will be phased out as opportunities permit.

The Algonquins of Ontario harvest Moose and other wildlife within the Algonquin’s settlement area. Other Indigenous groups also harvest in areas of Algonquin Park.

Since 1958, the Algonquins of Ontario have held trapping licenses on 19 registered traplines in the eastern and central parts of the Park. Indigenous trapping by the Algonquins of Ontario continues in this area.

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For more information, about hunting and trapping in Algonquin Park, please consult:


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