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Algonquin Fall Film

The Friends of Algonquin Park are pleased to announce the release of Algonquin Fall a film by wildlife cinematographer Hugo Kitching that showcases fall in Algonquin Park.

Each year from September to November, Algonquin Park undergoes a dramatic transformation from summer to winter. With Algonquin Park’s relatively high elevation compared to surrounding areas, and thus cooler temperatures, summers are short lived. Shorter daylight length and cooler temperatures, encourage plants and animals to prepare for winter. This film showcases the spectacular scenery and wildlife associated with fall in Algonquin Park. This footage was recorded entirely within Algonquin Park.

The Friends of Algonquin ParkAbout The Friends of Algonquin Park

The Friends of Algonquin Park is a Canadian registered charity and non-profit, non-governmental organization established in 1983 for people passionate about Algonquin Park. We operate retail locations, recruit members, and fundraise to support the natural and cultural educational goals of Algonquin Park.

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