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Synopsis of Public Wolf Howl #118

Date: August 3, 2017
Location: Rock Lake Road
Result: Unsuccessful
Total Number of cars: 280
Estimated number of people: 1,120
Number of staff working: 16

How the pack was found

The naturalist staff scouting for wolves earlier in the week had a response of three pups on Wednesday night. Having heard pups usually means that we have found the rendezvous site and there is a good chance that the pack was close by and would remain.

What happened at the howl?

At the howling site, the wind had picked up and it was at times difficult to hear. After two full attempts, with no response, we concluded the evening.

Comments from the Chief Park Naturalist

The weather was cloudy and light rain fell off and on all day. This likely resulted in the smaller than expected crowd. Although we were not successful, many people commented they enjoyed David Legros’ talk and the whole experience.

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