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Brent Crater Trail Trail

Brent Crater Trail and TowerBrent Crater Trail and TowerBrent Crater Trail and Tower


Brent Crater Trail is a 2.0 km loop near the Cedar Lake - Brent Access Point that allows scenic views and exploration of the Brent meteorite crater, on the the world's most famous fossil meteorite craters. Visitors can descend into the present floor of the crater before looping back to the observation tower overlooking the crater rim. The observation tower can also be accessed by a small parking lot off the Brent Road at km 32.


2.0 km loop

Location Location

Brent Crater Trail is located 32 km south of the Highway 17 on the Brent Road. The Brent Crater Trail is 8 km north of the Cedar Lake - Brent Access Point. Latitude/Longitude: 46.065562°, -78.459969°

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Difficulty Rating & Rationale


History of the Crater

Features & Amenities

  • Views of the Brent Crater, one of the world's most famous fossil meteorite craters
  • Exploration of the floor of the meteorite Brent Crater
  • Shoreline of Tecumseh Lake
  • Observation tower
  • Exhibit panels
  • Historical plaque
  • Parking

Trail Guide

Brent Crater Trail Guide

Rules and Regulations

Protecting Visitors


A valid Park permit is required for trail use.

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